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Created on 2015-05-29 00:09:13 (#2411638), last updated 2015-05-30 (120 weeks ago)

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I wanted to make a comm to help consolidate tumblr activity in the fandom as well as bring fans together. Discussion can get difficult on tumblr as you need to track notes to reply to things and even then replies get swallowed up in big note posts.

I'm hoping the thread style posting of dw will help fans be able to communicate more effectively and allow discussions and meta to grow and thrive into a true dialogue.

Weekly roundup posts will begin and I ask that you submit any tumblr fics that you see in the comments. Same with art and meta!

Ot posts are Off Topic. Anything not SNK can go here! Tell us stories of your pets or the asshole in line at the checkout today. Or talk about your other fandom interests that aren't SNK.

Simple rules: don't be a dick. Literally don't be mean to other people. No personal attacks. No posting pictures of other people in the fandom. If someone requests their work to not be posted here and you repeatedly link their posts, you get the banhammer. If anon is on and there is harassment, IP logging will be turned on or anon will be turned off til further notice.
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